Dean Davidson Fall 2020 Virtual Trunk Show Lookbook and Catalogue

Dean Davidson discovered his love for designing jewelry after an inspirational trip to South Africa. Hoping to turn this passion into a reality, Davidson launched his eponymous line in 2007.

Since its inception, the Dean Davidson brand has risen to international prominence.  Further solidifying his role as an internationally celebrated jewelry designer, Davidson was honoured as the Canadian Arts & Fashion Award’s 2019 Accessories Designer of the Year.

As a truly international brand, Davidson’s designs draw inspiration from his extensive world travels. His collections are purposefully designed in Toronto, Canada and meticulously crafted in a traditional, family-owned workshop of multi-generational master gem cutters in Jaipur, India.

Each piece is cast out of high-quality brass, finished in 22kt gold or rhodium, and set with custom-cut, semi-precious gemstones. The collection’s signature brushed finish - a technique learned by the designer during time spent in
Paris - gives a timeless, luxurious, and unique quality to each design.

Join us for our Fall 2020
Virtual Trunk Show

August 11-15th
We can guide you through the collection over the phone or email. 
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The Lagos Collection

E798-G - Lagos Huggie Earrings - $165 CAN
N808-G - Lagos Pendant Necklace - $280 CAN

E791-G - Lagos Studs - $165 CAN
N817-G - Lagos Collar - $605 CAN
B55G - Lagos Cuff - $370 CAN



E797-G - Lagos Hoops - $255 CAN
B558 - Mar Hinged Gemstone Bangles - $555 CAN



N811-G-MP - Mar Gemstone Collar - $685 CAN
E798-G - Lago Huggie Earrings - $165 CAN



E800-G-TRQ - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - Mar Earrings - $465 CAN
FR-48 - Mar Ring - $385 CAN


N816 - Mar Gemstone Pendant - $495 CAN
N814-S-BT - Blue Topaz - Mar Gemstone Charm Necklace - $495 CAN


 E800-G-MP - Mar Gemstone Statement Earrings. - $465 CAN



 N812-TRQ/WTP  - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise / White Topas - Mixed Charm Necklace - $460 CAN



N19G - Lagos Statement Collar, $620 CAN



E-793- G- TRQ  - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise  - Mar Drop Earrings - $255 CAN



E-799-G-MP - Mother of Pearl - Mini Mar Drop Earrings -  $220 CAN
B558 - Mar Hinged Gemstone Bangle  $365 CAN
B557-G - Lagos Bracelet - $345 CAN
FR49 - Mar Midi Ring  -  $170 CAN

also available
The Signature Collection