Karyn Chopik Spring 2017 Trunk / Stock Show


Meet artist Karyn Chopik and attend an exclusive preview of her collection

Karyn’s Story for Spring 2017:
"Love Light The Way”

On her spiritual driving force

A heart centered collection that speaks to me about finding the light within to guide the way. Scouring through an antique curios shop I came across an old door pull and was instantly captivated by the mystical lantern nestled in the centre. I cut it out and reworked it using it throughout the collection. These are interesting times. Whether it be my lantern or handmade textured metal hearts may love light the way.
On her aesthetic driving force
I fell in love with Ammonite. It's subtle feminine colours remind me of an oasis in the desert. The subdued peach, blue and sand colours are an excellent accessory to coordinate with the spring clothing lines. Amazonite is a girl power stone fabled to be worn on the breastplate of Amazonian warrior women. It's healing properties are courage and speaking your truth - again so perfect for this interesting time in which we live. - Karyn Chopik

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*Trunk / Stock Shows are an exclusive opportunity to shop the entire collection.