Pleats Please

A collection of clothes that are a product in themselves, made with a unique "garment pleating" technique were the materials are developed from a single thread and pleats are added after sewing the clothes into shape.
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Pleats Please - Slim Hem Pleated Pants

Slim Hem Pleated Pants

$495.00 CAD $198.00 CAD
Slim hem pleated pant with button closure, belt loops, and diagonal side pocketsColor:BlackStyle:PP98JF414
Pleats Please - Pleated Straight Leg Pants

Pleated Straight Leg Pants

$375.00 CAD $187.00 CAD
Pleated straight leg pants with elastic waistColor:BlackStyle:PP98JF412
Pleats Please - Pleated Slim Leggings

Pleated Slim Leggings

$425.00 CAD $212.00 CAD
Pleated pull-on slim leggings with elastic waistColor:BlackStyle:PP98JF111
Pleats Please - Cuffed Pleated Pant

Cuffed Pleated Pant

$495.00 CAD $198.00 CAD
Pull-on cuffed pleated pant with elastic waist and back pocketsColorStyle:PP98JF402