Alteration Services

You're Unique. And now your clothes can be too!

Each Blu's location has a tailor shop. Our clients are welcome to use our
tailoring service on Blu's items or
their own personal pieces.

Any regular price purchase at Blu's is accompanied with a 10% credit towards
alteration of the piece purchased*.

* No monetary value or carry forward value.

Bring in your personal items for the bespoke treatment!

"The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with old measurements and expect me to fit them."

-George Bernard Shaw


Shorten or lengthen sleeves           $30.00
Shorten jacket (without vent)        $40.00
Shorten jacket with vent                 $50.00
New Lining standard                     $120.00


Hem.                                          $30.00
False Hem                                 $40.00
Hem w/zipper or side slit       $35.00
Waist in/out.                             $40.00
Add or take in waist darts      $30.00


Shorten basic sleeve               $20.00
With cuff                                    $28.00
Tighten cuff                               $10.00
Shorten hem body                   $20.00
With slits                                   $30.00
Take side seams in/out           $25.00
Add or take in waist darts      $25.00


Hem unlined                            $20.00
Hem lined                                  $25.00
False hem                                  $30.00
Original hem jeans                  $30.00
Waist in/out                               $30.00
Taper leg                                    $40.00
New full lining                         $120.00
Replace zipper                         $25.00
Close pockets                           $15.00


Take in/out      $50.00
Side seam       $40.00
Hem-reg          $40.00

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