Karyn Chopik Spring 2020 One-of-a-Kind Preview

The One-a-Kind Show has been postponed.  We will update when we have new information.

Victorian Rose Garden Necklace

- 36” long
- hand knotted with silk thread
- vintage lucite flower cap 1950’s
- moonstone, rose quartz, african agate, freshwater pearl, clear quartz crystal
- 14k gold fill chain~sterling silver and bronze hand forged links

Karyn's Notes: Wear this pretty romantic necklace reminiscent of a flower garden, and dream of running your fingers through the soil again. Spring is coming!

White Light Necklace

- 24” long
- Selenite, cubic zirconia crystal
- 14k gold fill and sterling silver chain
- sterling silver and bronze metal shield

Karyn's Notes: Selenite is a stone of healing, protection and awakening. This gentle, easy-to-wear pendant will lift your spirits and and open your mind to greater possibilities. You’ve got this!

Fine Balance Necklace

- 34"
- 14k gold fill hand made chain
- Botswana agate, moonstone facetted agate, freshwater pearls
- hand constructed 14k gold fill and copper art bead
- 3mm faceted aquamarine

Karyn's Notes: A brilliant blend of refined luxury with the hand constructed 14k fill panels mixed with the natural elements of the beautiful stones.
True art is a fine balance between the elements. It is a symbiotic relationship that is pleasing to the eye and the soul. This one works!

A Strong Foundation Necklace

- 34” long with a 7” extender chain
- handmade sterling silver and bronze links
- Botswana agate
- Vintage boxite bead circa 1870”s
- clear quartz crystal

Karyn's Notes: Soft and natural yet very powerful, this mixed media wearable art necklace will be a favorite addition to your Karyn Chopik collection.
It comes with a 7” extender chain so that it can be worn doubled up or 34” long. Versatility, class and art all rolled into one- just like you!

A Quiet Mind Necklace

- 18” long with a 2” tail
- sterling silver chain
- hand constructed Mokume and sterling silver 20mm bead

Karyn's Notes: Mokume is a Japanese metal smithing process that layers different metals and compresses them into a new metal plate. Each piece is a unique little piece of art. A quiet mind is an awakened heart and mind.

"Because I Can" Earrings

- sterling silver and bronze mis-matched earrings
- one side 55mm long, the other side 80mm long
- tongue in cheek #5

Karyn's Notes: These divinely fabulous earrings are for the bold at heart. Big, beautiful and requires panache! Strut your stuff because the world is watching!

Double Your Money Earrings

- 35mm bronze hand textured rings
- 30mm oxidized, matte sterling silver inner circles
- sterling silver hoops

Karyn's Notes: Wear them together or as separate pieces. These interchangeable earrings will double your fashion options.

"Always love from the bottom of your heart" - Karyn Chopik