Marie Saint Pierre Fall 2020 Trunk Show Preview

A leading pioneer in the Canadian fashion industry, Marie Saint Pierre is an established fashion designer known for her creations, entrepreneurial spirit and engagement in the community.  Maison Marie Saint Pierre is an atelier of Canadian artisans that could rival the best design houses in the world.  Be part of the fashion legacy by taking home a piece of Canadian art.
Curate your own unique wardrobe by selecting your favorite looks from one of our favorite designers ahead of season.
Southcentre Wednesday, March 4 to Sunday, March 8
Southgate Tuesday, March 17 to Wednesday, March 18 
Manulife Thursday, March 19 to Saturday, March 21 


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Look 8


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Look 11




Come to a Blu's to touch and feel these looks



A constant battle between power-dressing and sculptural art, Maison Marie Saint Pierre is a tangible brand with strong intuition and imagination, combining elements from culture, art, sculpture, and technology, mixing them with style, expression and sensuality.


All garments are fully created, designed and crafted in Montreal.

Marie Saint Pierre’s modern creations are defined by a combination of elements; the fusion between form and function and the leading edge design articulated around timeless qualities. 

Maison Marie Saint Pierre's studious research and development has allowed the creation of new methods responding to both design considerations and the highest functionality requirements. Technical properties are key in the creation process of each garment, giving the creations a unique wearability that extends beyond one season or trend. Innovation is at the heart of the design.

The Maison deeply cares about the environment. Its preferred fabrics are produced in an eco-compatible way in line with a program that addresses protection of the environment. The key characteristics of these fabrics like endurance and sun block technology allow them to maximize their life span thereby reducing the environment impact to a minimum.


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