New Arrivals Fall 2019 November

“Lynn is our fearless store manager.  Anytime you walk into Blu’s you’ll hear her say hello and welcome you in.  Like her look?  Email"


VERONICA BEARD Ashburn Dickey Jacket, SKU 10090406, $950 Take 25% off now!
VERONICA BEARD Honolulu Pant, SKU 10090416, $590 Take 25% off now!
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“Oksana is an artist inside and out.  Her forward style is striking yet relatable.  Like her look?  Email


SMYTHE Fringe blazer, SKU 10091694, $795 Take 25% off now!
DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER Boyfriend jean, SKU 10102579, $550
ANNE FONTAINE Blouse, SKU 10045564, $465
REBEKAH PRICE Pin, SKU 1010889, $195 Take 25% off now!
REBEKAH PRICE Ring, SKU 10108877, $150 Take 25% off now!
IVY LEE Boots, SKU 10084936, $550 Click for sale price
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Lisa T is a familiar face at Blu’s.  Come attend her master class in style and re-engineer your wardrobe.  Like her look? Email


EILEEN FISHER Jacquard coat, SKU 10115980, $675 Take 25% off now!
AYRTIGHT Velvet dress, SKU 10086572, $220 Take 25% off now!
ANNE FONTAINE Necklace, SKU 10088273, $405
ATELIER Tessy boot, SKU 10094505, $189 On sale for $113
REBEKAH PRICE, Earrings, SKU 10108892, $50 Take 25% off now!
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“Elena is our newest stylist at Blu’s.  Elena shares her energy and enthusiasm for all things fashion with everyone she meets.  Like her look?  Email” 

ANNETTE GORTZ Down filled coat, SKU 10087987, $2195 Take 25% off now!
ANNETTE GORTZ Sweater, SKU 10100453, $935 Take 25% off now!
ANNETTE GORTZ Pants, SKU 10099390, $660 Take 25% off now!
ANNETTE GORTZ Shearling scarf, SKU 10087758, $625 Take 25% off now!
UNITED NUDE Patent wedges, SKU 10091435, $265 Click for sale price
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"Lisa C will make you feel instantly comfortable and at ease when you meet her. Make an appointment with Lisa and her infectious laugh and eye for style will be your best shopping experience ever. Like her style? Email"

DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER Printed blouse, SKU 10102452, $630
DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER Ponte pants, SKU 10102545, $430
DEAN DAVIDSON Plaza ring, SKU 10027371, $235 Take 25% off now!
DEAN DAVIDSON Castle ring, SKU 10074013, $235
STUART WEITZMAN Pumps, SKU 10054096, $498 On sale for $249
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Teagan is a pure delight to work with.  She’s a natural cheerleader and loves putting together a killer outfit for her clients.  Like her look?  Email


BOSS Double faced wool coat, SKU 10076043, $1195 Take 25% off now!
LUISA CERANO Printed blouse, SKU 10088247, $495 Take 25% off now!
AG JEANS Farrah skinny, SKU 10067368, $250
AGL Buckle front booties, SKU 10091349, $745 Click for sale price
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