#NotInMyCity Pop Up

Blu's is proud to be an ally of #NotInMyCity and support their movement to end sexual exploitation and trafficking here in #YYC and across Canada.

 Friday June 21st to Sunday June 23rd

Southcentre Blu's 1:00pm to 4:00pm

#NotInMyCity Pop Up Shop

A preview of fashion pieces from Canadian designers available at our Pop Up Shop, where all funds raised go directly to #NotInMyCity's work:

1. Paul Hardy Bandana in Black

2. Paul Hardy Scarf Black

3. Paul Hardy Scarf in White


4. Leather Clutch

5. Pins

6. Bracelet

7. Swell Bottle

8. Cotton Drawstring Bag

9. Rose Decal


#NotInMyCity is a movement launched by Paul Brandt under his Buckspring Foundation that is raising awareness and taking collective action to prevent and end sexual exploitation and trafficking, focusing on children and youths.  The #NotInMyCity movement continues to build partnerships to support, facilitate and advocate for the development and mobilization of a strategic, integrated plan to bring about transformational and sustainable change at the grassroots, practice, policy and legislative levels.

We are #SeeingYellow this June as #NotInMyCity Allies raise awareness and funds in support of the movement to end sexual exploitation and trafficking across Canada. Learn how you can join this campaign at www.notinmycity.ca/2019-seeing-yellow