Karyn Chopik

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Karyn Chopik - Agate-Citrine-Glass Necklace

Agate-Citrine-Glass Necklace

$785.00 CAD $588.00 CAD
Agate-citrine-beach glass multi bar necklaceColor: Multi ColorStyle: N2009B
Karyn Chopik - Align Ring

Align Ring

$150.00 CAD $59.00 CAD
Style: R1807  
Karyn Chopik - Athena Necklace

Athena Necklace

$465.00 CAD $186.00 CAD
Style: N1802-18.5IN
Karyn Chopik - Aura Oxidized Earrings

Aura Oxidized Earrings

$125.00 CAD $93.00 CAD
Aura sterling silver oxidized halo earringsSterling SilverStyle: E2002
Karyn Chopik - Be The Light Bronze Earrings

Be The Light Bronze Earrings

$155.00 CAD
Bronze and sterling silver 18.5mm sun button earring with 6mm cubic zirconia, lever back closure, 40mm total lengthColor: Bronze / SilverStyle: E2032-BZ
Karyn Chopik - Be The Light Silver Earrings

Be The Light Silver Earrings

$175.00 CAD
Sterling silver 18.5mm sun button earring with 6mm cubic zirconia, lever back closure, 40mm total lengthColor: SilverStyle: E2032-SS
Karyn Chopik - Because I Can Earrings

Because I Can Earrings

$295.00 CAD $221.00 CAD
Miss-matched earrings for the bold at heart, strut you stuff 'Because You Can', one side 55mm long, the other 80mm longColor: Sterling Silver BronzeStyle: OAK2022
Karyn Chopik - Bee Key Pendant

Bee Key Pendant

$295.00 CAD
Bronze 15.5mm antique Bee casting in 75mm antique sterling silver key, pendant only. Bees are the secret to a harmonious life, work for the betterment of allColor: SilverStyle: P2022
Karyn Chopik - Bee Strength 16" Necklace

Bee Strength 16" Necklace

$495.00 CAD
Engraved Love, Courage, Strength bee pendant on a double layered chain, 14K gold filled, sterling sliver and bronzeColor: Multi MedalStyle: BN2002
Karyn Chopik - Bee Strength Pendant

Bee Strength Pendant

$300.00 CAD
Engraved Love, Courage, Strength bee sterling silver and bronze pendantColor: Multi MedalStyle: BP2002
Karyn Chopik - Big Fun Earrigs

Big Fun Earrigs

$175.00 CAD $105.00 CAD
Bronze stud with sterling silver hoop earringsStyle: 5E
Karyn Chopik - Blue Ocean 16" Necklace

Blue Ocean 16" Necklace

$485.00 CAD
Pendant a unique style of layered metal and paint art resin on a 16" sterling silver chainColor: MultiStyle: BN2004
Karyn Chopik - Braided Oxidized Bronze Chain

Braided Oxidized Bronze Chain

$85.00 CAD
Braided 1/8" thick 18"+2" rope chain oxidized to bring out the bronze's natural rich brown patina, then fine sandpaper used to give an interesting textural quality to this chain, silver...
Karyn Chopik - Bronze Bar Earrings

Bronze Bar Earrings

$189.00 CAD $141.00 CAD
Brushed Bronze bar earrings with sterling silver pebbles and crystal detailColor: Bronze / Sterline SilverStyle: E2005B
Karyn Chopik - Bronze Cheerio Silver Hoops

Bronze Cheerio Silver Hoops

$55.00 CAD
Smooth sterling silver 19mm hoop with a bronze cheerioColor: Sterling Silver BronzeStyle: E124-1
Karyn Chopik - Bronze Circle Necklace

Bronze Circle Necklace

$265.00 CAD $198.00 CAD
Bronze circle with sterling silver multi bars on 18" Silver chain necklaceBronze / Sterling SilverStyle: N2006
Karyn Chopik - Bronze Disc Earrings

Bronze Disc Earrings

$154.00 CAD $115.00 CAD
Cobblestone 19mm rock disc with 4mm crystal earringsColor: Bronze
Karyn Chopik - Bronze Hare Necklace

Bronze Hare Necklace

$340.00 CAD
Vintage bronze hare casting on 22.5 sterling silver bezel with 1.8" thick 16"+2" antique silver chain. The hare represents spontaneity, courage, adventure and creativityColor: Bronze / Sterling SilverStyle: N2021-1
Karyn Chopik - Bronze Owl Pendant with Peridot

Bronze Owl Pendant with Peridot

$280.00 CAD $112.00 CAD
It is believed that within each woman there exists three faces of divine feminine energy: the maiden, the mother and the matriarch. Our wise old owl is the personification of...
Karyn Chopik - Bronze-Silver-Crystal Necklace

Bronze-Silver-Crystal Necklace

$425.00 CAD $127.00 CAD
Bronze circle with pebbles and crystal on sterling silver plated chain necklaceColor: Bronze / Sterling SilverStyle: N2007B
Karyn Chopik - Champagne and Pearls Necklace

Champagne and Pearls Necklace

$530.00 CAD
Sterling Silver, Bronze and Copper necklace with mutli colored beading and hammered loop detailColor: Multi MetalStyle: Champagne
Karyn Chopik - Charming Necklace

Charming Necklace

$520.00 CAD
Multi pendant short necklace in sterling silver, bronze and copperColor: Multi MetalStyle: Charming
Karyn Chopik - Cheerio Bracelet

Cheerio Bracelet

$110.00 CAD
Sterling silver bracelet with floating mixed metal cheerios, 12 gauge stackable in sterling silver with sterling silver, bronze and copper Cheerio's, size - smallColor: Sterling SilverStyle: S823-1
Karyn Chopik - Circles and Space In Time Necklace

Circles and Space In Time Necklace

$535.00 CAD $321.00 CAD
30" Bronze and Sterling silver Circles and Space In Time necklaceStyle: 6N