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The 24/7 Dress

The 24/7 Dress

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Invest in an all-purpose black dress that can take you from office to drinks.  Bonus: We recommend one that’s good for travel because it packs down well and doesn’t wrinkle noticeably.

Our favorite: Veronica Beard Ruched Shirt Dress 

A cotton stretch button down with flattering gathering towards the sides, this dress is a master at camouflaging your midsection. Comfortable for all day wear and with a knee length hem, you can wear this dress for all occasions. 

Three ways to wear the same dress:

1) Wear to Work

Whenever you put on a dress you feel a bit more elegant and done up.  You may be meeting with clients, putting on a presentation or just feel like conquering the day.  Pair this dress with a long duster and a classic pair of pumps.  You’ll feel confident all day long.

Product detail:
 Marella Dax Long Cardigan  Ron White Cindy Weave Pump


2) Brunch

Have a brunch date with the girls?  This is a perfect dress for a relaxed catch up with your best friends.  Add a denim jacket and your favorite sneakers.

Product detail:
 Paige Vivienne Denim Jacket  Ron White Nell Platino


 3) An Evening Out

Whether it’s cocktails or a much deserved date night, this dress just needs a great pair of earrings and an edgy bootie.

Product detail:
Dean Davidson Gold Onyx Hoop
 United Nude Luxor Sport Mid


Three looks, one timeless staple dress.  

Tip: To extend her lifetime, always wash her in cold water if you’re choosing not to dry clean.  Hot water wears our fabrics more quickly.  Lay her flat to air dry.  Don’t leave her near a window because sunlight can fade colors.

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