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The Keep Up With Me Bootie

The Keep Up With Me Bootie

The Benefits of Investing in Solid Pieces

The key of quality vs quantity is to find pieces that are versatile so you minimize your decision fatigue when dressing.  There are other benefits though. 


Cost Per Wear 

When making an investment decision, you’ll likely look at usage rates.  How often will you use your investment to make it worth the cost?

If you look at pieces in your wardrobe as a function of price paid for the item/how often you wear it, there’s a chance that your cost per wear for a more expensive well fitting garment is a better deal than a cheaper wear-once item.  Not only are investment pieces more cost-effective in the long run, you’ll have the added benefit of confidence as you know you’re wearing something that is well made and fit for you.


Putting Your Best Foot Forward

There are no rules when it comes to dressing.  Dress for your body, dress for your enjoyment and dress for yourself. 

You want to be perceived as competent.  Oftentimes decisions are based on appearance because people that meet you don’t always have the time to get to you know you.

Attention to details like good fit, nice fabric and clean presentation are noticed by others.  In a professional setting, there is a bias that if you take the time to care for yourself, you are responsible enough to take care of others.

Stay true to yourself and present your brand to the world in a way that you’ll have the best possible chances for success.


Our next investment piece recommendation?  Solid footwear.

Select a heel height that you can comfortably move around in.  The last situation you want to find yourself in is one where you’re afraid to walk because your feet hurt. 

We like these Stuart Weitzman Wren 75 Booties because of the sock-like stretch in the upper fabric and the heel is mid height which is manageable (what is comfortable depends on the individual but you want to stay under 3 inches). 

We also like the pointed toe because it’s sleek and the general weight of this bootie is light and will not make your feet look large.

These boots are versatile enough to wear with a pencil skirt or a dress but you can also wear them with a classic straight cut trouser or if you’re feeling edgy – a wide leg culottes.  The Wren 75 Boots feature a stretch suede upper, pull on silhouette, textile lining with a leather footbed for added comfort and a leather outsole.

Product detail:
 Veronica Beard Ayala Intarsia Pullover  Frame Le Culotte Trouser


Product detail:​
 Cambio Rubia Pull-On Pant  Veronica Beard Janvi Georgette Blouse


Product detail:​
 Boss Faeh Knit Dress


These may not be a wear to the grocery store or on your way to yoga class bootie, but they’re a fabulous pair for the office, dinner out or even a nice weekend brunch.


Tip: Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row.  Give at least a day between wears for the leather to breathe and dry out.  Wipe down the leather with a soft damp cloth, stuff the toe box to maintain shape and keep stored in a duster bag.


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